Start algorithmic trading with Python in under 60 days

Develop profitable trading strategies, build a systematic trading process, and trade your ideas with Python—even if you've never done it before.

"I literally started algorithmic trading in 5 days after 8 months of struggling." -Jeff

Join 150+ Students who got our Proprietary "Hedge Fund in a Box" Algorithmic Trading App, 3 Core Trading Strategies, Live Expert Training, and Access to Our Active Discord Trading Community.

Quant Science is the fastest-growing algorithmic trading course on the internet.

Start algorithmic trading even if you haven't started. Reinvest profits toward the goal of achieving financial freedom.

Develop strategies

Get profitable strategies that you can start trading in less than a week—all on your own. No more confusion or overwhelm.

Take the first step

Cut through the noise and take the first steps to start algorithmic trading on your own. No boss. No commute.

Follow a process

Get the systematic Quant Scientist Algorithmic Trading Framework to take strategies from idea to execution. No more struggling to figure it out.

Start Trading on Day 1

You get our 3 Core strategies on the first day of the cohort. That means you can start algorithmic trading immediately.

  • Core Strategy 1: Volatility Targeting

  • Core Strategy 2: Momentum Factor

  • Core Strategy 3: Refiner v. Crack Spread

"I'm up $11,500 (11.5%) in 13 trading days." -Leo

Backtest Your Strategies

The harsh truth: Most beginners get backtesting wrong. You'll learn the 2 backtesting frameworks Professional Quants use.

  • Framework 1: Vector-based Backtesting

  • Framework 2: Event-based Backtesting

  • Safely backtest and manage trades profitably

"This gives me confidence I can do even better." -Adam

Get a "Hedge Fund in a Box"

Don't waste time writing the 1,000s of lines of code you need for algorithmic trading—we already did it!

  • Portfolio rebalancing in one line of Python

  • Download historic intraday market data

  • Build automated risk management alerts

"It is rather exhilarating and frightening at the same time to get so many trades in with so few keystrokes" -Jeff

Want the secret to successful trading?

There is a shortcut. It's trading together. That's why we maintain an active Discord server all Quant Scientists gain immediate access to.

This is where we trade trading strategies, get expert advice (fast), and get results.


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Start algorithmic trading with Quant Science.

Become an algorithmic trader.

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